Born in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan Canada. Shawn grew up in a very sports oriented family. Playing hockey, boxing, gymnastics and rodeo were the athletic base. He began his career in film in 1989 and has steadily built a reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable stunt performer and coordinator from East to West coast in Canada as well as abroad. With interests in extreme sports, horses and cars, Shawn competed as a pro rodeo cowboy in the bareback riding event until retiring in 1999. These skills combined with a diverse athletic background led him to film. Driving cars, flying through, over or into something, falling a horse, or coordinating the action, Shawn has enjoyed working on film sets for over twenty years. He lives in Canada, where he is a full time stuntman/stunt coordinator. He and his wife Amanda also own Wildhorse Productions ( and produce 8-10 live events a year in Eastern Canada. They also trains horses for film and competition. Most recently Shawn has gotten into the breeding of elite bucking horses. An article on the family was done in the "Canadian Cowboy Country" magazine in the Feb/Mar 2014 issue.